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The chain of supermarkets Dinosol, which currently has more than 5,000 employees for its 195 points of sale in the Canary Islands, has joined the commitment to the environment and carried out the first installation in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria based on Eco-Efficient solutions for its new establishment at El Tablero Shopping Centre in the San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

This project was carried out by Tewis Smart Solutions International, a leading company in Energy Consulting specialised in the development of Integral Solutions for the installation of Refrigeration Systems, in collaboration with the firm MAXFRI COSTA SL, specialised in the assembly and maintenance of Industrial Refrigeration and Climate control with wide experience in Eco-Efficient facilities.

This new HiperDino supermarket is coherent with the objectives regarding well-being and sustainability that the DinoSol group, has, through its company policy, been gradually including in its establishments with the purpose of reaching its goal aimed at a more sustainable future. This commercial surface has been provided with an innovative design for the different sections, such as perfumery, winery and bakery, and also incorporates a new TV channel, LED illumination, nebulizers, electronic labellers and Eliwell safety devices, handled by SXR control systems, thus providing efficient management of the supermarket and significant energy savings.

The DinoSol Group has chosen the Tewis CO2 / R134a hybrid refrigeration system by Zanotti Smart Solutions for these installations, as part of its overall effort to reduce its emissions of CO2. The CO2 (R744) refrigerant is currently that which has least impact on global warming, over and above all HFC gases with a greenhouse effect. This hybrid technology is trustworthy and efficient in countries with a warm climate like the Canary Islands, Southern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

The development of this solution has been possible thanks to the confidence placed in Tewis by Mr. Rubén Molowny López-Peñalver, the technical director of the DinoSol Group, who declared that both the innovation and the Eco-Efficient solutions would become a fundamental pillar for the chain of HiperDino supermarkets, given that their aim is to create a low global warming (GWP) and environmental impact, reducing emissions on the ozone layer (ODP). He also gave special thanks to all the DinoSol technical team for their commitment and dedication to the project.

After the implantation in this establishment, the intention of the DinoSol Group is to continue to implement different Eco-efficient solutions in its new projects, as well as to carry out significant changes in the design of its current supermarkets and adopt sustainable measures in the same. The chain of supermarkets HiperDino, following its policy of sustainable development, has been one of the first companies in the Canary Islands to incorporate different energy saving measures into its facilities. These include:

  • Floating Condensation in function of the outside temperature.
  • Floating Evaporation.
  • Compressor frequency inverter.
  • TelevisGo monitoring system.
  • Eliwell PXVE (CO2) Electronic Expansion Valves.
  • RTX/V range regulators with an “On Demand” defrosting system.
  • Power management system

Tewis specialised in natural refrigerants

Tewis Smart Solutions International specialises in the development of customized solutions for different sectors, both industrial and commercial, seeking to improve energy efficiency in the projects carried out, as well as providing the establishments with the legal and construction conditions necessary for their inauguration. Its years of experience in and knowledge of the sector offer innovative solutions for the development of new projects, products and applications for the refrigeration sector. These solutions are carried out thanks to the work of the R&D laboratory at its installation in the Parque Tecnológico industrial estate of Paterna, Valencia (Spain), where Tewis also collaborates with different universities as regards masters, training and internships, as well as coordinating seminars aimed at specialists in refrigeration, air conditioning and ACS, providing information regarding the latest developments in the market.

Through its experience with its clients, the company has advanced as regards Control and Remote management, an independent area of inmotics to monitor the energy consumed by the installations and, above all, the development of controls with algorithms adapted to the specific properties of this type of refrigerant. Inmotics have made it possible to extend Tewis’s services to new areas of business such as service stations, convenience stores, franchises, retail and food chains.

Furthermore, MAXFRI COSTA, which has ample experience in these types of installations, has entrusted Tewis with the design and manufacture of the equipment for the latter, thanks to the synergy developed between the two companies which transforms them into an excellent working team for the execution of any refrigeration product.

From its branch office in the Canary Islands MAXFRI COSTA, has collaborated in the execution of the project and has stood out for its knowledge, its broad experience in the realization of facilities with the CO2 / R134a hybrid refrigeration system, and its professionalism in dealing with the high pressures this type of natural refrigerant entails. Moreover, thanks the specialisation of its work team, these facilities will have better maintenance and more adequate treatments.

Justification of the R134a/ CO2 hybrid system

Central ZSS

The supermarket in San Bartolomé de Tirajana has installed the R134a / CO2 hybrid solution.

The condensation of the compressor centre with R744 (CO2) refrigerant is carried out by means of two plate exchangers controlled by means of an electronic expansion valve.

It is important to control overheating in this type of facility and electronic expansion valves must be used for evaporators in sub-zero temperature areas.

Tewis Hybrid Rack by Zanotti Smart Solutions

The chosen oil recovery system is type AC&R, which comprises a main oil separator, an oil receptacle and an oil injection system controlled by a compressor. The use of R134a in the refrigeration racks does not imply significant changes in respect of traditional facilities. Better thermodynamic characteristics, less pressure in the circuits and a reduced GWP compared to other refrigerants (R404a), make it possible to optimise efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions, thus improving the TEWI factor. The electrical panel included in the bench and the power wiring and handling of the different electrical elements which comprise the central enable optimal use of the space in the machine room and reduce installation time, thus optimising installation costs.

The substitution of R134a for the new series of refrigerants currently in the study phase, could become the definitive solution. The R134a can be directly adapted to the new refrigerants.








Regulation and control systems

Main controls used:

  • EWCM controllers and speed regulators for the control of the two refrigeration plants.
  • RTX-600V controllers for the control of electronic expansion valves for the refrigeration (R134a) and deep freeze (CO2) units.
  • XVd controller: cascade condensation.
  • Remote management of the facilities.