Remembering colder days: the Tewis F-Gas leak detection system, incorporating ELIWELL electronics was selected by the Gallery of Innovation during the Climatización 2015 fair. Did you see it?


The VII Gallery of Innovation of the International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Refrigeration Exhibition (Climatización 2015), is a space for the divulgation of R&D in the sector which highlights the most innovative products.

Its appraisal criteria are the level of innovation, energy efficiency, respect for the environment, quality, design and the use of renewable energies.

During this last edition there was a notable increase in the number of applications received which, according to the organisers is “an optimistic sign which shows the innovative effort of the manufacturers and the importance of “Climatización” as a platform for launching novelties onto the market”.

This year’s Gallery was composed of energy efficiency, together with technological advantages, that will make it possible to adapt the equipment and solutions to the requirements of current legislation and the sustainable market, and which reflect the lines of development in that sector. Outstanding among the award winners are novelties in control systems, the use of new refrigerants and renewable energies or the design of global solutions which represent the frontline of R&D in the industrial refrigeration and climate control sector.