termostato, regulación, frío, distribución, controlID plus form part of the Eliwell range of products for electronic control elements optimized for refrigeration units. These devices guarantee a high level of quality and safety in the facilities, maintaining the optimal temperature of the fresh or deep-frozen foodstuffs, while ensuring the best performance of the refrigeration unit, thus obtaining high energy-saving levels.

Their high adaptability makes them apt for any type of refrigeration unit, whether it is in a convenience store, supermarket or hypermarket, and they are ideal for the catering industry, where they allow the regulation of cold/heat parameters in display cabinets and refrigeration units.

Thanks to their new design, we obtain a better visualisation of the digits and the icons in colour allow a clearer and more intuitive reading of the display, all of which is added to their increased configurability and ease of handling. The keys provide direct access to their functions. Their great versatility makes it possible to reduce the number of codes, thus covering the maximum number of possibilities with a more limited storage. Moreover, the wide variety of colours available allows the client to customize the control.

The simplest controller has one activation point that is capable of working with both heating applications and the control of refrigeration units at different temperature values.

It is a universal controller due to its characteristics: multi-probe (NTC, PTC, PT1000), cold/heat, HACCP, televis/modbus, preloaded applications, unicard, 2 hp relay. Configurable keys, relays and inputs.